Why Republican voters should not trust themselves–and Donald Trump shouldn’t count on his own base

Screen Shot 2019-10-30 at 9.47.07 AMWhat do Nixon, Ford, Bush 1, Bush 2, John McCain and Mitt Romney have in common?

Two things:

First, they were the choices of Republican voters gave us. They were their boys.

Two–here it comes–Republicans abandoned them. Republicans disowned Nixon, Ford, HW, W, McCain and Romney.

In fact, W and HW were toxic at the GOP’s own convention in 2012.

Republican voters loathe McCain–they voted for a guy (Trump) who said he doesn’t like soldiers who got captured. They can’t stand Romney.

Nixon is a disgrace and pro-choice, liberal-SCOTUS-appointing Gerald Ford is a non-entity in the GOP whose legacy has been respected more by Democrats than Republicans themselves.

OK, so let’s step back a second and think about this:

Republicans loathe 4 of their last 5 Presidents.

And they’ve kicked their last two nominees for President to the curb.

The only Republican President Republicans haven’t abandoned in the last 50 years–50 years!–is Reagan, whose make-believe legacy they’ve been trying to resuscitate for the last 30+ years.

So–and in all seriousness–given their 50-year history of regretting their own choices, why should Republicans trust themselves?

And why should everyone else trust the choices of voters who have repeatedly regretted their own choices?