Political Econ Friday: Fauxcrat Joe Manchin and GOP Senators don’t wanna help Americans with student loan debt for a real simple reason…

Here’s why Joe Manchin (West Virginia) and GOP Senators are reluctant to help defray crippling, widespread economic costs of American higher ed.

It’s real simple:

There’s nothing in it for ‘em.

See, Manchin and GOP senators—especially Mitch McConnell—rep the least educated states, which are also the overwhelmingly least productive (gdp/capita) and most federally dependent taker-welfare states with the highest workplace fatality rates, the highest suicide rates and the lowest life expectancies. (They’re really, really “pro-life”).

GOP states want that big Blue state cash bad, just not if doesn’t benefit their low-wage, agricultural and extractive economies riding commodity and construction booms and busts outta Beijing.

PS In case you thought American higher ed was just political correct boot camp, here’s a disinfectant. More educated residents produce more economic wealth.