OMG! Is there a crisis on the Border? Illegal immigration is down by half over last 2 decades. But far from deterring illegal immigration, it more than doubled during Trump’s Administration.

Is there a crisis at the border?

I mean, Republicans are sounding the alarm as if Joe Biden is throwing a party for COVID-carrying human smugglers and drug mules.

Well, let’s set the record straight about illegal immigration over the last two decades.

Between Oct 1 2000 and Sept 30 2019–that is, the latest and most comprehensive data from the Border Patrol that I could find–the number of immigrants trying to cross American borders has fallen by 48.7%. 

In other words, the problem is nearly half of what it used to be.

However, while the number of immigrants trying to illicitly cross American borders fell by 42.7% during the Obama-Biden Administration, the “crisis on the border” increased by 106.7% during Trump’s Administration.

In fact, more immigrants tried to cross American borders in 2019 than at any point since 2007.

Is there a crisis?

Depends on your definition of a crisis. That’s subjective. 

But one thing’s real clear:

Far from deterring illegal immigration, Trump’s administration saw the “crisis” more than double.

That’s far from a success story on deterrence.

While opposition pols are now trying to create a media frenzy and fear-monger about a scary, scary flood of immigrants, what matters are the data.

Facts first, not bloviating, attention-seeking pols.