The architects of the Constitution–the real protagonists of the United States– dreamed of a different government than what they settled for.

The US Senate *majority* represents a *minority* of the population and a minority of the economy.

The very structure of our government is flawed—and it’s exactly what the protagonists of the US Constitution feared.

Consider this:

The architects of the federal government—James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, Gouverneur Morris, Benjamin Franklin et al—went into the Constitutional Convention demanding proportional representation.

They did *not* want power to be given to states irrespective of their populations. At all. They wanted the House and Senate to represent people not states.

In fact, small states wanted equal power in both houses!

But to fix a totally flawed Articles of Confederation, Washington, Madison, Hamilton, Franklin et al had to concede the Senate to small states like Rhode Island and Delaware.

The deal they accepted sucks. A minority of the population (and the economy) has control over the majority of citizens and wealth creation.

The very structure of our system is rotten. No real change is possible when a minority of people has power over a majority.

The few literally rule the many.

James Madison, Alexander Hamilton and Ben Franklin and * even*the majority of delegates to the Constitutional Convention imagined a better system.

We’re not stuck with what we’ve got.

It’s in our power to give the majority of citizens and wealth creators their rightful power over the government.