What James Madison thought about a federal judiciary chosen by a majority of states BUT a minority of people

“Judges might be appointed by a minority of people, tho’ by a majority, of the States, which could not be justified on any principle.”

—James Madison, July 21, 1787

Fast forward 233 years:

The GOP’s Senate “majority” has confirmed 200 judges since 2017–the highest total in a POTUS’ 1st term since Carter.

Then realize:

This Senate majority reps 15M fewer people than the Democrats’ Senate minority.

AKA: A minority of people tho’ a majority of states choose our federal judges.


A minority rules the majority.

That’s no metaphor. That’s an objective, undeniable fact.

The fewer rule the more.

And let’s be clear:

This is not what the Father of the Constitution—James Madison—wanted. At all.