Are “pro-life” states pro-life workplaces?


Unambiguously, no.

In fact, 4 of 9 most “pro-life” states are among the 9 states with highest workplace death rates.


More, most of the states where abortion is hated the most and workplace death rates are highest are disproportionately among the least educated, lowest-earning, least-capitalized, most federally-dependent states—which despite low taxes and nonexistent workplace safety standards—repel business investment, so they instead use the Senate to extract wealth away from a more diverse, unionized, skilled, productive, better paid, longer-living American citizens they love to hate, in order to insulate their weak undifferentiated, Chinese-construction-dependent finite-resource-based, carbon-benching, extractive economies from the vagaries of the free market they profess to love with non-discretionary distributive funding while busting the budget and then remorselessly blaming everyone else for their transgressive profligacy.

The End.